Skinny Sugar Free Cranberry Sauce




Cranberry Sauce should be healthy -- after all, it's cranberries! Most though are overloaded with a boatload of unnecessary calories from added sugar -- at a time of year, usually, when you'd rather use the calories up on so many other things. Cranberries are pucker-up tart and astringent, though, so some counter-acting sweetness is needed. This cranberry sauce puts the smart back into your sauce, by reaching for liquid Stevia and apple sauce to balance the natural tartness of the berries. The onions, cayenne pepper and allspice are a vague chutney-like nod to raise this to a grown-up, sophisticated level. Citrus notes from the lemon juice help to freshen the taste.



Juice the lemon in a measuring cup, then top the juice up with water until you have a full 250 ml cup (1 cup.)

Add all the ingredients into a saucepan and simmer slowly until most of the berries have popped and the sauce is thick -- about 10 to 15 minutes. Stir occasionally.

Serve room temperature or cold.


Add more Stevia to make it sweeter. Some finely-grated zest from the lemon, or from an orange, is also nice. Feel free to play with the spicing, and omit the onion if you wish.

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